vendredi 11 avril 2008

Pepsi Creative Challenge launches in world's largest mobile market

Soft drink giant Pepsi tapped MyClick to help with the mobile aspect of its Pepsi Creative Challenge in China, also supported on various other traditional media.

Targeting consumers ages 12-24, Pepsi has issued a challenge for them to upload photos along with basic information, such as birth date, mobile number and nickname. Consumers then cast their votes via mobile.

"The idea is to leverage this innovative platform for consumers in a fun and interactive way that reflects favorably on the Pepsi brand in China,” said Kevin Cohen, senior advisor for MyClicks. “People can connect with each other innovatively on their phones which they always have on them.”

Winners will become Pepsi Creative Challenge stars on all of Pepsi’s packaging to be featured during the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Once users download the MyClick application, they get access to voting, blogging and status updates on their submissions.

Television advertising will support the campaign.

MyClick’s mobile device marketing platform, based on image recognition technology, lets consumers access promotional opportunities by taking photos with their mobile phone cameras.

MyClick mobile software gives consumers one-click access to all of the Pepsi Creative Challenge contest details and the ability to cast a vote and check on their current blogs.

“Users will be getting a passport to the information they want and it will be on their terms, their schedule and based entirely on their creative input,” said Justin Tsang, chief technical officer of MyClick Media, in a statement.

"MyClick is revolutionizing the way advertisers interact with consumers,” Mr. Tsang claimed. “While SMS may be a way for person-to-person mobile marketing, there is a huge hurdle in terms of spontaneity as the consumer needs to get into the messaging interface with cumbersome steps before accessing the information.”

Users can ask their friends to vote for them. They receive three votes for each vote sent via MyClick.

China is the world's largest mobile market, with 500 million mobile phones in use.

Beginning June 1, the second phase of the Pepsi Creative Challenge will let participants vote for the short-list finalists. The three winners will be announced and the new Pepsi cans featuring these winners will be in stores during the Olympic Games.

“Studies clearly show that snap-and-click almost double the response rates compared to traditional SMS messaging,” Mr. Tsang said. “Bearing in mind, it is a lot more complicated to type in a URL on your phone. You are triple-tapping or even quadruple-tapping to get to a character.

“Once you go off the operator’s portal, typing a URL on a phone that doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard is a difficult thing to do,” Mr. Tsang said. “It’s a hurdle to interaction.”


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